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Terms of Service


1. At the initiation of the project, Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd will be obtaining relevant details, ideas and preferences on the looks and functionality of the web site to be created. All such information should be provided by the client, clearly and in maximum detail possible.

2. Based on the initial information provided, Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd will create a "mock up" (a screen shot of the proposed web site showing its basic structure in a graphical / picture format such as jpg or bmp). The client may request for minor changes of the mock-up (minor changes are those that do not affect the basic structure and include font size, colour scheme and height of main banner ect). If the client requires any structural changes an additional mock up will be provided free of charge. Further mock-ups needed, will be liable to charges.

3. Once the basic structure is decided upon and the web site is being designed, structural changes to the web site will not be possible. However, clients can request for revisions (which do not involve any structural change) on up to 3 occasions.

4. In order for us to deliver the web site within the scheduled time period, all relevant material (text, additional images ect) should be provided by the client without delay.

5. Please note that any additional services that are not agreed upon initially, such as typesetting and image editing will be charged accordingly.

6. Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd agrees to deliver the design/development work on dates as agreed upon. The Client should be aware that failure to submit required information or materials could result in delays in delivery of the completed project.

7. Delays in completion of the project may occur due to-
Delay in payments.
Client's requests regarding changes of design, content or features of the project.
Delays in providing the script, images or any such content needed to proceed with the project.

8. It is important to understand that we cannot allocate our resources to one project, indefinitely, as we have other obligations. If a client remains unresponsive to our efforts to contact him/her for more than 4 weeks the project will be temporarily suspended and a fee of 10% of the total project value will be charged on recommencement.

9. Time duration for projects will be given in working days. Our working days are from Monday to Friday and Saturday-half day.

10. Your project will be released to you or uploaded to your registered URL only after the full payment is made.

11. Once the website is uploaded, any changes requested are liable to charges.


1. In no event will Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd be liable to the client or any third party for any damages due to operation of or inability to operate the client's Site.

2. Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd is not responsible for the contents appearing on the web sites it creates. We do not have control over the information or any other material they contain. The clients are solely responsible for what appears on their web sites.


1. Any additional services that were not agreed upon initially, and not mentioned in the initial estimate submitted to the client will be charged accordingly.

2. Any official visits to the client's office or residence by an employee of Inzunet on the request of a client is liable to travelling charges.


1. An advance of 50% of the total amount should be paid initially before we begin the project. The remaining 50% of the total payment should be made once the web site is completed.

2. If the final payment is not paid within 14 days of completion of the site, it will be suspended until the full payment is made. A "Parking Fee" of 15% of the total value will be charged on reconnection.

3. The "Loyalty Customer Discount" of up to 25% of the total invoice value will be awarded to clients who opt to make the full payment at the beginning of the project.

4. Hosting and domain renewal charges should be paid annually from the second year (The above services will be provided free of charge, during the first year). The client will be informed regarding the due payments one month prior to the domain expiry date.

5. Please note that annual hosting changes are liable to changes due to price revisions.

6. If hosting and domain renewal charges are not paid on or before the specific date, the site will be suspended until the due charges are paid.

7. Cheques should be drawn in favour of Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd (HNB Account Number – 027010398565 – Nugegoda Branch). Bank deposits to the above account number can also be made. If cash payment is preferred, the payment can be made at Inzunet office located at 50/6 - 1/1, 1st Cross Street, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda.


1. Software and third party graphics or programmes are not transferred to the client and remain under copyright of their respective owners.

2. Content and images supplied by the client or purchased for the client by Inzunet, are copyrighted to the client. The source code of the web site will not be released and will remain in Inzunet servers. To release the source code, an additional 25% of the project value will be charged.

3. All Inzunet web design clients will have a "powered by: - Inzunet" link on their website on the footer of every page. By hiring us to work on your website you are agreeing to this, and understand that this link may not be removed without our consent. An additional fee of 10% of the total project will be charged in order for this to be permanently removed from your web site.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the mock-ups provided, you may request for a full refund. The refund is applicable from the time of initial advance payment until the basic structure of the web site (mock-up) is decided upon.


Inzunet International (Pte) Ltd reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without prior notice.

Should you have any queries regarding the above Terms of Service, please email us at