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Clean Facts... Clear view!


1. Ordering a website / web application

a. How do I get a "price estimation" for my project?

Simply contact us through the contact us form on our web site, through email or telephone. You can also make a request through the "request a quote" tab on our web site. Once we receive your request, one of our project coordinators will contact you and obtain the basic information regarding your requirement, if you have not already done so. We will then send a quotation to you by email.

b. Are there any obligations in requesting a price quote?

Absolutely not! The quotation is issued 100% free of charge without any obligations from your end. We do not take any sensitive information such as credit card details to issue the quote.

c. I didn't receive my estimate yet?

Since your project needs some analysis, it might take up to 2 working days before we issue a quotation. However, we get back to our clients seeking a quotation, usually within one working day.

d. Can the estimated price be different from the final fee?

The estimate is generated according to the initial information provided by the client. If the initial information provided, is incomplete or if the project is different from the one discussed initially, the quotation price may change. However, this issue will be clarified in the information gathering/project analysis stage.

e. I don't have a clear idea about my project. How can I get an estimate?

Our experienced project coordinators will help you to set up your goals and define your project. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you engage in some research to be aware about the viability and possibilities regarding your proposed project.

f. I received the estimate. What do I do now?

You can accept the quotation by clicking on the 'accept' button, so that we may contact you and proceed with your project. If you wish to add or remove any features you may request for another quotation.

g. Can I add or remove features later on when the project is in progress?

Yes, you may add or remove features later on. However, the possibility depends on the platform that has been used to create your project. You may be charged additionally according to the extra man hours spent, on features which have not been included in the quotation, initially.

2. Making the payments.

a. When do I make my first payment?

The first/advance payment is required initially, before we begin work on the project.

b. How much do I need to pay as the initial payment?

An advance payment of 50% of the total estimate value is required, prior to beginning work on your project. However, we have introduced the 'Loyalty Customer Discount' through which you can obtain a discount of up to 25% of the total value. This discount scheme is applicable to clients who opt to make the full payment initially, at the beginning of the project.

c. How do I make the payment?

If you live in the locality of one of our offices located in Sri Lanka or Europe, you may make a direct payment. We also accept payments via credit card and cash/cheque deposits to our bank account.

d. What is "Loyalty Customer Discount" and how do I obtain it?

It is a discount of up to 25% of the total estimated value. This discount can be obtained by paying the full payment initially, at the beginning of the project.

e. How do I proceed after the payment?

A dedicated project coordinator will start an information gathering session with you. This requires a direct or online discussion. It is important that you are as descriptive as possible regarding your requirements as this will assist us to create your web site to best suit your unique preferences and needs.

f. How and when do I complete the rest of the payments?

The balance 50% payment should be paid once the web site is finalized and ready to go online. Once this payment is done we will upload the web site to your registered URL. However, if you have already obtained the 'Loyalty Customer Discount' by paying the relevant amount initially, you need not make any other payments, unless if you have obtained additional features which had not been mentioned in the initial estimate.

g. Are there any additional charges, other than the main payment?

No, absolutely not. Charges may be applicable only if you have requested for features /services which have not been mentioned in the initial estimate.

h. Are there any annual / recurring fees applicable to my project?

Yes. The domain registration and hosting is provided free of charge during the first year. These charges are only applicable from the second year onwards.

Will I be informed regarding the domain renewal and hosting charges

Yes. We will be informing you regarding the above charges one month prior to the domain expiry date.

3. Starting the project

a. What is the first step in starting my project?

A dedicated project coordinator will hold a discussion with you and obtain your ideas, preferences and requirements regarding the project. Based on this initial discussion, our designers will create a "mock-up" of your proposed web site.

b. What are my responsibilities to help in making the project a success?

During the initial discussion with our project coordinator, it is important that you are as descriptive as possible regarding your requirements as this will assist us to create your web site to best suit your unique preferences and needs.

c. What is a "Mock-up"?

It is a screen shot/image showing how the home page, contact page and inner pages of your web site will appear after finalization. Please note that the animations, buttons and links on the mock-up will not work, as it is only an image.

d. Up to how many free "Mock-ups" can I request?

You will be provided up to 2 free mock-ups.

e. What if I need additional "Mock-ups"?

Since it is a creative process and requires a significant number of man-hours, we are compelled to charge for any additional mock-ups.

f. I don't have a clear idea regarding what features I might need to include in my website. What should I do?

Your project coordinator will guide you regarding the features/modules that can be integrated into your web site, which will help you benefit the most, commercially.

g. What is the next step after I'm satisfied with the "Mock-up"?

Once you inform us that you are satisfied with the mock-up, our developers will begin to develop your web site. During this time period, you will be given frequent updates on the progress of your project.

4. Progression of the project

a. How long will you take to create my web site?

The time duration will depend on the complexity of your web site, the platform that is used and the features that are included ect. However, at the initial stage of the project, you will be given a milestone chart showing the deadlines implemented in order to complete each phase of the web site.

b. How will I know that my work is in progress?

You will be given updates regarding the progress of your project, at frequent intervals.

c. While the web site is being created, will I be able to see the work already done?

Yes. Either the web site will be uploaded to an online model site through which you can view the completed work or you will be allowed to view the work already done, at different milestones.

d. While the work on the web site is being done, can I make any changes to its structure?

This would not be possible. Once the mock-up is approved by you and the main structure of the web site has been developed, we are unable to change it. If you wish to change the structure, a separate mock-up will have to be created for which additional charges will apply. As we create fully customized web sites according to your unique needs it is important that you predetermine the structure that you wish to have, prior to the commencement of the project.

e. Once my website is completed how do I test it before buying my domain?

Once your web site is completed, we will upload it onto one of our model sites through which you can test it.

5. Finalization and going live

a. What are the steps of finalization before my site goes live?

Firstly, you should select a domain name of your choice, which we will obtain for you through relevant domain registrars. Next you need to select a hosting package, for which our technical officers will be happy to help you. Hosting will be provided free of charge during the first year. Once you have your domain name and hosting package, you are ready to make your site go live.

b. How do I get a domain name for my web site?

You can select a domain name of your choice. Our staff will let you know whether it is available for purchase. Once you have decided on a suitable domain name we will obtain it for you.

c. Would 'Inzunet' host my web site for me?

Yes. Absolutely.

d. Do I need to pay for hosting separately?

Hosting will be provided free of charge during the first year. Annual hosting charges apply from the second year onwards. The value will depend on the hosting package selected by you or according to the requirement during the first year.

e. How long does it take for the finalization process?

We will upload your web site to your registered Domain name, create email accounts and complete the finalization process within 2-3 working days.

6. Hosting and email accounts

a. Does Inzunet provide domain name and hosting?

Yes, we provide professional hosting as well as domain registration services.

b. How do I pay for hosting?

We provide hosting free of charge during the first year. Annual hosting charges apply from the second year onwards.

c. How do I choose a hosting package?

You may decide on a package based on the information we provide regarding the number of visitors/ traffic to your web site, or you may opt for on-demand hosting.

d. What is on demand hosting?

On-demand hosting is when we monitor the traffic to your web site during the first year and bandwidth usage and allocate the most cost effective package based on that information, from the second year onwards.

e. Will I receive email addresses?

Yes, we provide private email facility to all clients who host their web site at Inzunet. We also provide other useful features like auto reply, auto forwarding, web email access as well as the facility to couple your web mail account with a gmail or yahoo account.

f. How many email addresses do I receive?

Well, it depends on the hosting package that you select.

g. Can I select the names of the email addresses that I receive?

Yes, of course. You can select

7. Maintenance of the website .

a. Do I need to do anything to maintain my web site?

Once uploaded and hosted your web site will remain unchanged. However, annual domain renewal and hosting charges need to be paid prior to the domain expiry date.

b. How do I make updates or changes on my web site?

If your web site does not include a CMS- content management system (through which you can update the contents of your web site) our technical support staff will be happy to make the relevant changes. However, charges may apply accordingly. For predetermined changes at frequent time intervals, a discount scheme may be provided.

c. How do I update my web site at specific time intervals (eg – once every 3 months, yearly, ect) ?

We have two options to cater to your requirement. We recommend that a CMS be integrated into your web site to convert it into a 'do-it-yourself' system. If not, you may arrive at an agreement with us for a special discounted price to carry out changes at specific time intervals, for a pre-agreed time period.

8. Services

i. Refer 'Services' page on the website.

9. Terms of Service

i. Refer 'TOS' on the website

10. Privacy Policy

i. Refer 'Privacy Policy' on the website

11. Guarantee of quality

a. What are the quality standards maintained by 'Inzunet'?

All our web sites and applications are hand-coded and we do not use web templates unless requested by the client. Our sites are coded by highly qualified web engineers according to w3c standards and all coding is search engine friendly.

b. Do I get a guarantee that all the functions on my web site work?

We provide a satisfaction guarantee that all features requested by you will work properly. During the testing period, before finalization of the project the site will be tested thoroughly and all bugs will be fixed before going online.

12. Support

a. Do I get after sales support from 'Inzunet'?

Inzunet supports all clients at any point. You can communicate with us through the contact details mentioned in our contact us page.